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It’s beyond argument that vaccinations are an important and effective way to protect the puppies’ health. Dogs advertised on are required to be dewormed and vaccinated as described below. Wuuff follows a generally recommended schedule, but in certain regions there may be some minor deviations from this, as the vets’ lists in some countries may vary.

Week 6 - Parvo shot against intestinal viral infection.

Week 8 combo vaccination against parvo, distemper, kennel cough, adenovirus and Leptospirosis

Week 10 combo vaccination is repeated

Week 12-14 Rabies shot is required. By law, dogs three months and older must be vaccinated against Rabies. It also has to be repeated six months later.

Month 12 Rabies booster shot required; combo vaccine administration is also recommended annually.


As a true and tried practice among breeders and also recommended by vets, clearing a litter of parasites and beginning to administer shots normally should start at two weeks after birth. In practice, most of the time the first deworming paste will not be registered in the vaccination booklet, so we won’t check for that either. Nevertheless, we assume that you, as a responsible breeder, do the utmost to always raise healthy puppies at your kennel.

The puppies should also get a round of deworming in tablet form around week 5, please make sure that are registered in their booklet. After that the litter should be subjected to a regular deworming regimen biweekly until the puppies are three-four months old.

Dogs acquired on Wuuff must have at least two officially registered deworming done. These must be listed in their booklet or passport as well.

Wuuff Pay

The big benefit when a buyer reserves and purchases your puppy through Wuuff Pay is that it overcomes any conceivable trusts concerns, including about the health of the puppy.

Most puppy buyers are not experts in the veterinary procedures so they rely upon your knowledge, and that you will strictly follow the schedule above. When Wuuff Pay is used it gives assurance to the new owner that all vaccinations and dewormings will be done, as we will work with you, and confirm for the buyer that the above schedule was observed and completed by the time you hand over the puppy.

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