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Our idea for Wuuff originated from the realization that currently there is no ideal solution to get purebred puppies to new homes without at least one party struggling due to the lack of proper information or communication. It's either the dog seeker doesn't know enough about where the chosen puppy is coming from or the breeders lacks sufficient information about their pups' future situation.

We recognized the need for a site where breeders and potential buyers can meet and build trust. On Wuuff buyers can find breeders of their chosen breeds in an open and transparent place. At the same time, breeders have a direct channel of communication to assure that the potential buyers understand the needs and responsibilities concerning their puppies, and that they'll be able to provide good homes for them.

Wuuff also offers a secure way to conduct transactions during the transfer of ownership and assures that the chosen puppy arrives safe and healthy prior to releasing the full payment. We provide an easy way for the breeders to get retainers too by collecting and holding payments early with the help of the site.

Finally, if the need arises, we can arrange expert, cost-effective and safe solutions for the puppies' transit to their new homes, which relieves this particular burden from the breeder.

Our goal for the future is to popularize a transparent, open way that ultimately helps purebred puppies in finding new homes for the benefit of all involved. You can too help in this effort whether you're a breeder or future owner of a particular breed.

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