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There are many benefits to reserving and paying for your puppy through Wuuff, even if you are able to visit the breeder in person. We understand this is not how most of us think of buying a puppy, and we certainly don’t want you to act impulsively and buy a puppy online without speaking, or if you can meeting with the breeder.

What Wuuff most of all wants is to support transparency... and paying through Wuuff is meant to overcome one major obstacle: Trust.

Wuuff provides a safe place for responsible buyers to find ethical breeders. But even then we cannot guarantee, nor be held responsible for the information provided in the ads being completely accurate.

And we know, for many it can be a challenge buying a new dog, so we are ready to help in a way no other site will...

When paying for a puppy through our site, you get the full benefit and protection of our service. We will personally make sure that before collection, your puppy is exactly as advertised, and will come with everything promised in the ad..

Paying through Wuuff also empowers you to rate the breeder and leave an honest review after you receive your dog, and this ensures that reviews are based on valid transactions. Knowing you will leave a review, not only encourages breeders to give you the best service possible, but also helps potential dog buyers to choose among breeders.

How does it work?

On every puppy ad, under the breeder contact details, you will find a link to click.

Wuuff Payment

After logging in, or registering on Wuuff you will be able to choose whether to pay a deposit or the full price for your puppy, safely with credit card or bank wire transfer. The breeder has the option to accept or reject your payment.

Both you and the breeder will be notified if payment is received successfully, and then we will work with you and the breeder to verify that all the information in the ad is completely accurate before you collect the puppy.  

Your payment will be released to the breeder only after you have confirmed that you received the puppy correctly, or 48 hours after the breeder hands over the puppy to you.

Wuuff does not provide any guarantee for the health of the purchased puppy, Wuuff Pay purely covers you for receiving the same puppy with everything listed in the ad.

If you have any questions, just ask us; email or call the Wuuff team.

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