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Did you find your dream dog? Have you found the breeder whom you are comfortable with, and you now have made your life’s great decision? Congratulations! Soon you’ll be part of the happy world of dog owners. Click on the “Pay securely through Wuuff” button and arrange the next steps from the comfort of your home.

“But do I have enough cash? Where is the nearest ATM?” Forget about these worries and choose Wuuff Pay. Paying this way will help you fully focus on the puppy and the breeder because Wuuff has already provided you with a secure and speedy payment option.

Reserve or purchase your dream dog on Wuuff and we’ll guarantee that you get exactly the puppy you pay for. Plus, when you’re choosing a puppy on our site and reserving or purchasing your newest family member through Wuuff, then Wuuff Guarantee will also be activated. On Wuuff you have the choice to pay the full balance or reservation with your debit/credit card or bank transfer. Click on the “Reserve Now with the Breeder” button and choose your preferred option.

Before and after the transaction talk to the breeder to settle the details. After you have collected the dog, based on your feedback, we’ll transfer your remaining balance or full payment to the breeder. So forget the worries and enjoy the sweet sound of puppy barking!

If you have any questions, just ask us; email or call the Wuuff team.