Receiving your puppy

Wish to advertise a puppy?
Tips for breeders

Did you find, or reserve your newest family member through Wuuff? If so, then welcome to the world of dog owners.

Please now organize everything with the breeder, so your chosen puppy will be with you as soon as possible.

When your puppy is eight weeks or older, you have nothing else to do except take it home with you. Settle all the details with the breeder for when and how your chosen puppy can move into your home.

If you have the option, we suggest you collect the dog in person from the breeder’s home. This will give you the chance to see where your puppy has been raised so far, and you can view the other dogs as well. Avoid meeting the breeder anywhere else (except if your puppy is shipped to you by car or plane).

When you collect your puppy, make sure all the documents the breeder listed in the ad are given to you (such as vaccination booklet, microchip details, pedigree, pet passport, health certificate, breeder guarantee, etc). We will send you an email with an attached checklist to help you.

And most of all, ensure you are getting the exact dog you reserved or purchased (chip ID, pedigree name, same appearance, etc). Furthermore, check that the dog is looking healthy (well fed and developed for its age, healthy coat, energetic, strong, etc.)

If the dog is reserved or purchased on our site, then we will do all the work for you, and  guarantee you will get the exact dog you saw in the ad, and with everything included.

Please note that the picture on the site and the puppy in real life can be slightly different. If the puppy isn’t exactly what it looked like on the picture, don’t panic. The dog is quite certainly the same, except the lighting in the photos may have affected how its colours looked.

To ensure your dog can settle comfortably into its new home, make sure you have everything it could need, before arrival. At a minimum have bedding, toys, food, treats, doggy bags, leash and collar beforehand.

Take your dog straight home upon collection, and take it out in the area when it will regularly do its business in the future. A calm environment in the house is crucial for your dog’s first day, and you should allow the new arrival to explore your home, under supervision.

We suggest that within 48 hours of collecting the puppy you take it to the vet and make sure that it’s happy and healthy. If possible, go to the vet that is suggested by the breeder, so if there is a possible problem you can find a solution easier.

We wish you a happy and enjoyable life with your dog.

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