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Puppy buying tips

As a breeder, most likely your first priority is the wellbeing of your puppies, both now and in the future. Therefore you want to find the very best homes for them. We understand this, and want to provide our support throughout the entire journey. This is why we offer you a variety of tools so that responsible puppy owners will find you.

We know about the amount of energy required to raise a litter and understand if the last thing on your mind is tinkering with ads. Read these short tips below to get the most out of what Wuuff has to offer you...

Introduce your kennel

As you know, choosing a puppy is a serious decision. And when someone falls in love with your dog, they must also put their trust in you as a breeder. And as almost all people looking for a new puppy will start their search online, it is important to build trust and enhance your kennels reputation in the digital word.

Potential buyers will seek your advice with choosing the right puppy, and hopefully later down the road they will consult you to ensure the continued wellbeing of the puppy. But your reputation starts even before someone would contact you, this is why it is crucial what people can find, and read, about your kennel. We designed the Breeder Profile with this in mind. And best of all... it requires no technical knowledge from you.


Make yourself accessible. During your registration please provide a phone number that you (or someone) can answer during the day and on the weekends. Check your emails at least once a day. Quick and responsive communication can help your puppy find a loving home in short time.

Introduce your puppy

You know your puppies best, so it should naturally be you that shows the world just how awesome they are. On Wuuff you have a simple and easy way to personally promote your pups.

When posting your ad, Wuuff has created features that allow you to rise above the crowd when showcasing your dogs. You are able to advertise each puppy from a litter individually, after all each puppy has a unique personality and style. Include their defining characteristics (playful, gentle, friendly, adventurous, curious, etc) and even suggest their future potential (show, sport, perfect pet).

Social media

Once you have successfully posted your puppies on our website, we strongly recommend to go to the puppy's new page, review the ad with a mind to how a potential buyer would see it, and ensure it is attractive. While you are there, click on the Facebook Icon to share your ad on your Facebook profile. Now your dog can get a wider exposure and even your friends can see the ad.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Prepare high-quality, aesthetically pleasing pictures of the pups. Pay attention to the background too because random items can ruin the overall image. Shoot a picture of each puppy individually to help the searchers recognize them. Puppies change from week-to-week, so you should upload new pictures that often too. This also helps the people interested in your dogs while following their progress, and your listing will move to the top too. It probably makes sense to upload newer pictures of the parents as well because there can be quite a difference, for example, between two- and four-year-old dogs, especially among larger breeds.


Provide the most information about the puppies’ parents. A large percentage of visitors are interested in the puppies’ lineage and if they don’t see any pictures of the parents, they most likely leave disappointed. Be proud of your breeding pairs and announce their achievements since it’s the fruit of your hard labor too. Dog show results, health screenings and descriptions are essential to introduce the parents. If you post an entire litter, entering the parents’ information once is enough; the system will save the data for the other siblings too. And if any of the parents breed again in the future, just enter their names and the saved info will automatically pop up too.

Be cooperative with the buyer

Before the puppy changes its home, discuss the details with the future owner. Optimally, before D-day send them a list of suggestions of the items they should get (equipment, food, brush, etc.) for starting out. Please provide any help and advice on how to raise your dog, such as the frequency and amount of exercise appropriate to the dogs age and breed.

Transfer of ownership and its certification

Before the puppy changes its home, discuss the details with the future owner. Optimally, before D-day send them a list of suggestions of the items they should get (equipment, food, brush, etc.) for starting out. Prepare for the transfer by getting all the documents together that were listed in your ad. If you’re taking advantage of the benefits of Wuuff Pay, we email you the buyer’s information, so you can prepare an invoice and contract or guarantee.

We strongly advise you to write an agreement to protect yourself and the future owner. A simple written agreement can prove without a doubt that the puppy has changed hands. If you need a template, you may use this online form or access one from your local kennel club’s database.

Wuuff Pay

There are many benefits for having your puppy reserved and paid for through Wuuff, even if you are able to meet the buyer in person.

Wuuff Pay provides a safe, accountable and convenient way to be paid online. With Wuuff Pay, the deposit, or full payment price, will reach you without any problems, after delivery. Before this, you receive the full service and assistance of the Wuuff team to help ensure everything is ready for the transfer of ownership of your puppy. More details here.


Only with Wuuff Pay, you have a chance to collect positive feedback, unless you have included this service within your Breeder Profile. When your puppy is already in its new home, we give an option for the new owner to share their experience with you on the entire internet. The more positive reviews people read about you, the easier it will be for future dog owners to choose you. Accept Wuuff Pay and enjoy the benefit of positive reviews.

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