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Having a dog move to a new home requires trust from both breeder and new owner. Breeders must trust that the new family will provide a wonderful new life for the puppy. But the same is true for the new owner, they must trust you as a breeder. And they can only do so if they are confident that the puppy they are getting has received the best possible genes, care and nurturing until the arrival in the new home. Remember people are ready to say no to a breeder, or vice versa, if trust is not established, and this is regardless of how great the dog looks.

And crucially building trust doesn't just come with choosing a dog, it also applies to the transfer of payments for the dog.

Until now if a breeder and new dog owner were not able to meet in person due to physical or geographic limitations, then often financial trust could not be established by either party. Both parties wanted to be secure that they are getting what they paid for, and it wasn’t always possible. And this led to a greater struggle to home pups.

Remember, while you may be reluctant to send your pup without prior full payment, the future owner feels uneasy about paying beforehand. Some potential dog owners will simply say no to a puppy because they are not willing to take a risk with the payment.

So we want to offer a simple, yet very effective, solution to this problem that benefits both breeder and future owner. Using Wuuff Pay is optional, but because it is an important part of our mission to promote trust and responsibility, we encourage breeders to offer it, and to accept Wuuff Pay if the future owner asks for it. Any refusal could result in mistrust.

Wuuff Pay only has a minor fee (8% of the selling price + VAT).

If you wish you can calculate the extra expense into the selling price before publishing. Do not increase the puppy’s price after you have been contacted by a dog lover, as this could lead to a loss of trust.  

The future owners want to guarantee that they get everything that was advertised by the breeder and this is the protection they get through Wuuff Pay.

  • As soon as the payment comes through our site, we are going to contact both you and the new owner. We can then ensure, well before the puppy would leave your premises, that everything is going to be as advertised and expected by the new owner. This in itself will eliminate any kind of confusion and misunderstanding, way before the puppy arrives, which actually means no risk, and no time consuming problems, for you.
  • We are going to officially document that everything as advertised will be provided, and the puppy is being shipped / handed over to the new owner. It is important to emphasize that we will work closely with you until the puppy is in its new home. Don’t think of Wuuff Pay as payment gateway but as a service for you, saving you time, energy, and removing many obstacles.
  • At the moment the puppy leaves you, you will mark that the puppy has been handed over.
  • From this time, the new owner has 48 hours to respond that he or she has received the puppy as promised and after that time the price of the puppy will be transferred to your account.

Because everything has been completely documented, the chances of any dispute occurring is close to zero.

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