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Wuuff was created with the goal of connecting ethical breeders with people that want to responsibly choose and own a dog. This commitment is part of how we take our share in stopping animal welfare issues caused by the practices of Puppy Mills and Backyard Breeders.

In order to achieve this mission we ask, and would expect, that every Purebred Dog Breeder, whether they advertise their new dog on Wuuff or elsewhere, accept and abide by the moral standards stated in our Code of Ethics below.

 All Kennels and Dog Breeders using this website are required to agree to, and abide by, the following Code of Ethics, and to be bound by its standard of behavior. If any person reports a non compliance of the Code of Ethics we will investigate this. If proven the reported breeder will be removed from Wuuff.

Breeder Code of Ethics

My goal in breeding is to maintain and ensure the health of the breed and the preservation of the standard characteristics. The breeding pair is chosen in light of this objective.

I am aware of the standard characteristics of the breed and the relevant health care issues, and I will take every step to ensure trouble free breeding.

I comply by the regulations of the kennel clubs I am registered with. I meet all the requirements of the parent dog’s kennel clubs in connection with the keeping and breeding of dogs.

I ensure that the dog’s kennel and my property meet the requirements and standards of the particular Animal Protection/Care act of the country in which I live. ("The animal must be taken care of by a good host, and receive necessary physical and physiological needs, and ensure adequate living conditions."

I ensure everything listed on is valid and as accurate as possible, and the most relevant information is provided. This includes, but is not exclusive to, all information I disclose about myself and my kennel, the information about my dogs, their health, show titles, and achievements. As well as the character and expected features of the puppies advertised.Under no circumstances do I deliberately give false information to any person, whether a potential customer or the new dog owner.

I ensure that my dogs are given all required vaccinations and deworming while under my care, starting no later than 8 weeks of age. They are microchipped and the registration is transferred to the new family. If a chosen dog will be exported, I respect and abide by the legislation on the transport of dogs.

I carefully choose and help educate any potential new dog owner so I can ensure that they are the right person for the breed and that they will provide the best care and environment. I advise them on how to raise the dog and I am happy to assist them in the future.

When transferring the dog I give notice that everything included in the ad will be passed on to the new owner. When the dog is handed over I inform the customer of the relevant things to know about the care of the dog and if possible I provide this to the new owner in writing.

I am responsible for providing the pedigree or birth certificate; depending upon which is listed in the advert; and ensuring it reaches the new owner. If not already processed and available at the time of transferring the dog, I do everything I can to speed up the readiness of the pedigree / birth certificate.

I ensure that the customer is aware that they should take the dog to a veterinarian within 48 hours of transfer (I will recommend a veterinarian).

I declare and guarantee to maintain and respect the reputation of other breeders and the breeder society. I will not give false, unfounded, or negative information about other breeders and will not pass on information that would provide grounds to mistrust.

I declare that I accept, and consider myself bound by, the Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics is current as of (April 18, 2018) and enters into force at this time. Any withdrawal or amendment is valid.

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