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I got the bitch from my friend Marcell, he introduced me to this breed in Bakony. We brought a pedigree for the litter with his kennel name. When she came to us in Győr, we took Natsumi to a show, where they saw her as very promising, and we were encouraged to show her in several competitions, and thus she became the Hungária Champion winning bitch. We looked at a fantastic two-time European winner as a sire candidate, this wonderful litter of six was born from this phrygian. My family met the Tosa Inu, a majestic and noble breed of dog known for its unwavering loyalty and imposing presence. As a veterinarian, this breed is even more attractive to me due to its excellent state of health, which is why Marcell and I thought we would get a litter from one of the most beautiful males in Europe dr. Gábor Hursán veterinarian

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