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Codice etico

Purchaser Code of Ethics

The Purchaser (hereinafter referred to as ”customer”) who purchased or reserved their pet through wuuff.dog agrees to accept and comply with the terms and conditions set out in the Code of Ethics.

The customer will be committed to the future as a responsible pet owner. The customer will consider before choosing the following; the breed characteristics, challenges associated with caring for the breed, and any diseases typical of the breed. The customer will learn about the breed through multiple channels (veterinarians, breeders, etc). From the information received the customer will judge whether they are capable to assume the obligations of the selected breed.

The customer will respect the reputation of other sellers while gathering information and searching for their pet. The customer will not give false, or unfounded, negative information about other sellers and will not pass on information that would provide grounds to mistrust. Furthermore the customer will not expect any seller to rate or review any other seller.

The customer will undertake to prepare their home and persons therein before the arrival of the pet. The customer will ensure all household members have agreed to the homing of the pet and will be aware of the distinctive characteristics and expected behavior of the pet's breed. The customer will make their home safe and will ensure the pet is safe with members of the household and with outsiders (eg secure fencing and home boundaries). The customer will also be ready for the arrival of the pet (pet supplies, dog food, etc.).

The customer will agree that they will be honest and truthful as to what purpose they want to buy a pet (home pet, exhibitions, guarding, etc ..).

The customer will agree that the seller will be the most knowledgeable about the breed, The customer will understand that if the pet ​​is chosen for a purpose other than that in which they stated, then the pet may not be suitable for this. (Eg. Large and slow for any kind of agility sport, etc.).

When buying, or while enquiring (phone, email or even personal conversations) the customer declares they will respect others, and will not be abusive. And furthermore the customer will respect the privacy of the seller. If uninvited, the customer will not visit the property of the seller, and will not phone late at night (unless absolutely necessary).

The customer will, following the successful transfer of the pet, undertake the ratings procedure provided by wuuff.dog thereby helping future customers. The customer will present honest and accurate opinions for the benefit of others.

The customers will ensure that the rating(s) will be given in writing only and will be exclusively based on real facts, (whether positive or negative).

The customer will need to enquire about whether health screenings have been given to the parents of the chosen pet, which would minimizing the incidence of a disease occurring. The customer will agree that screening does not provide a 100% guarantee regarding the health of the offspring.

The customer will accept the consequences of buying a pet from parents that have not had health screenings, and the possibility of the pet’s health being affected due to this.

The customer will understand that the pet is not a product of mass production, but a living thing. As a result, from differences in breeding technique there may be genetically independent properties.

The customer will be aware that a pet can become ill even in youth, despite the most careful care possible. After the pet has been received the following illnesses are common (diarrhea, common cold, red eyes, etc.). The customer will act in good faith with the seller, and will not demand compensation from the seller, and will agree that this type of disease is not a cause for returning the pet.

In any case of a problem with the pet arising in the future, the customer will inform the seller in order to solve the problem through mutual cooperation.

The customer will take all responsibility for proper maintenance, care, development, and safety of the pet. If the customer fails to comply in one of their duties and as a result the pet becomes sick it will be liable upon the customer to provide all possibility of healing. And if the pet is lost the customer will do all in their means to ensure the pets return.

The customer declares that they accept, and consider themselves bound, by the Code of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics is current as of (12.16.2016.) and enters into force at this time. Any withdrawal or amendment is valid.