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Mon histoire

Je suis un membre de Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesülete.
Oops, oops! Stop scrolling for a moment, please! If I do not tell you now to stop, it would have cost you a great loss, as you would have missed an amazing event, which is nothing else than the presentation of the Barka Kennel of Ballószög! Allow me, my dear Reader, to introduce myself first. My name is Sanyika, I am a two years old French Bulldog and on behalf of my four-legged friends, I am very honored, because I can tell to you why the best choice is to turn to Edit Bartosek, who is my owner, if you want to bring a little extra love into your home in the form of a doggy. But what exactly do the leaders of the Barka Kennel of Ballószög do and when did our story start? To reveal these details, we have to travel back to February 2019, the time when my dearest friend, Hudson, the Pug, arrived and found a loving family and home in the house of Edit Bartosek. Luckily, after the arrival of the first dog there was no stopping and thanks to this huge luck I can be the member of the kennel, too. With my peers, we could not even imagine our lives with better people and in a more wonderful place. Our house can be cooled and heated, so neither the summer heat nor the winter cold threatens us. We are hardly restricted in our freedom, there is a huge area for playing and running, which is every puppy’s dream. If we sometimes misbehave and mess up the walls (because this can easily happen in such a special company), it is okay, because the disinfectant will not damage them either. Our owners consider it essential to take us to medical examinations that take place every month, without exception. If you ask us, it is not our favorite activity to buddy with the doctor, but we need to realize that this is also very important in order to preserve our excellent health. We go to contests regularly and let me note that if we, the members of the Barka Kennel of Ballószög, show up in a competition, then our necks will not be left without a shining medal… If your favorite dogs include Pugs and French Bulldogs, do not hesitate and check out our adorable and cute pictures! If you have not decided yet that you want a four-legged best friend, I guarantee that after viewing our photos, your heart will be immediately occupied by one of my peers. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact my best human buddy, Edit Bartosek! If you want to talk to me, say on the phone that you are looking for Sanyika. 😉

Galerie photos

Mes Engagements

  • Les examens de santé en vigueur ont été effectués sur le père et la mère tels que recommandés par le Club des Parents pour cette race.
  • Je fournis un Certificat de Santé pour les chiots que je vends.
  • Je fournirai un acte de vente écrit détaillant les responsabilités de l'acheteur et du vendeur.
  • Je fournirai à l'acheteur du chiot des informations sur la sociabilité, les exercices, la formation et l'alimentation, ainsi que les vaccinations et les soins vétérinaires appropriés, et comment être un propriétaire de chien responsable.
  • Je souhaite rester en contact avec les nouveaux propriétaires pour m'assurer que mes chiens sont heureux et qu'ils grandissent dans les meilleures conditions.

Chiens Vendus

Christmas Dragons Arnold - Staffordshire Terrier américain Chiot à vendreChristmas Dragons Arnold - Staffordshire Terrier américain Chiot à vendre
male iconMâle
11 mois

Christmas Dragons Arnold

Christmas Dragons Alice Cooper - Staffordshire Terrier américain Chiot à vendreChristmas Dragons Alice Cooper - Staffordshire Terrier américain Chiot à vendre
male iconMâle
11 mois

Christmas Dragons Alice Cooper

Rocky - Bouledogue français Chiot à vendreRocky - Bouledogue français Chiot à vendre
male iconMâle
11 mois


Rosie - Bouledogue français Chiot à vendreRosie - Bouledogue français Chiot à vendre
female iconFemelle
11 mois


Serpico Robert


Rapide, disponible, poli


Exhaustif, fiable, détaillé


Le chien reçu correspond à celui réservé.

Very responsive and good communication. We love our pup.


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