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Rođen: March 19, 2024
Best temperament, show potential,
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Édes Álmok Celebriting Princess Kelly

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Allow me to introduce you to celebrating princess kelly, the mother! date of birth: 29th may 2021 princess kelly is my miracle, possessing many special attributes, and i am extremely content with her. Firstly, she possesses a remarkably serene and calm personality, making her the perfect companion for both everyday life and travels. Watching her move is a sight of beauty, gentle and elegant. Not only does her appearance with her radiant, snow-white coat captivate, but her physical fitness is also remarkable. She is healthy and robust, something i value highly and ensure consistently. Princess kelly is an exceptionally intelligent dog who learns rapidly. Additionally, she carries a patient and affectionate nature, signifying her ease in getting along with everyone. Most importantly, princess kelly is a loyal and devoted companion, bringing us immense joy in life. In conclusion, princess kelly is an extraordinarily special and endearing dog, and i am fortunate to share my life with her. kelly's health examinations • hip dysplasia: free a / des hd free a • eye examination: all results clear you can find the results attached. kelly's exhibition results are: kelly is a repeatedly exhibited and distinguished standard poodle. • hungarian minor puppy grand winner • hungarian junior champion • hungarian champion • derby winner • hungarian grand champion • komárom alpok adria poodle club show: puppy best in show 1. • 8xhpj • bos 1x • bob 4x • reserve cacib • cac 11x

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Pudla - velika - Giant Miracles Poodle Kennel

Giant Miracles Poodle Kennel

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Giant Miracles Poodle Kennel

Gyuráczné Orosz Anita

član od 10/4/2022
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Odgajam pse 8 godine, od 2016. Član sam Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesülete.
My name is Anita Orosz Gyuráczné, and I am involved in dog breeding. Animals have been an essential part of my life since I was six years old. My parents were also engaged in dog breeding, and it was then that I fell in love with this wonderful world. One of my dreams was to focus on breeding Standard Poodles, and today I can proudly say that I am living my dream. For me, Standard Poodles are the perfect dog breed, and I am determined to contribute to their breeding. As a passionate dog enthusiast, I do everything to provide my dogs with the best possible life and care. My principles, what I believe in? Here in our breeding, family and quality are always at the forefront. We believe that a dog should not only be an animal but also a family member. For this reason, we dedicate special attention to each puppy and raise them with love. Quality is very important to us, so we only use healthy dogs with good character traits that match the breed standard. We regularly take the parents to the veterinarian to ensure they are healthy and genetically sound. The selection of dogs with unique character traits for breeding is not only important to preserve the breed's genetic characteristics but also to bring happiness to new families. Therefore, we pay great attention to ensuring that the puppies have good character traits and personalities and will bring happiness and love to their families in the long run. The breeding process is always a learning process for us, where we strive to create the best possible quality of dogs. Training dogs is very important to us and brings us much joy and happiness through the shared time and work with them. Every puppy is unique and special to us, and we look forward to them finding their new home and family. Finally, we are committed to giving each puppy the best life we can offer them. We believe that responsible breeding, attention, love, and care can provide all of us with a happier life - for us and for the dogs alike.
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