Caesar Negro Tesoro

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Rođen: March 28, 2024
Lagotto romagnolo is a breed of unmatched intelligence and affection, perfect for families seeking a devoted companion. With their hypoallergenic coats and versatile nature, lagotto is ideal for both indoor snuggles and outdoor adventures. Contact us and bring home a lagotto puppy to experience a lifetime of love, loyalty, and joyful companionship.
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Melissa Dei Gioiosi Rubacuori

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Junior Champion

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Nema Von Vilebrandovu bolest
Melissa is the greatest dog alive (i'm not biasad at all). She has extremely good temper which has been praised by many people, including show referees. We are planning to do canisterapy with her as well since she is great around people and children, is very calm and likes to play. She had great previous litter and all of the owners are very happy with their puppies.

Detalji o odgajivaču

Lagotto Romanjolo - Negro Tesoro

Negro Tesoro

(Nema recenzija)

Negro Tesoro

Monika Krizanova

član od 7/2/2023
VerificationIme odgajivačnice: potvrđeno
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+421 903****** Pogledaj
Odgajam pse 13 godine, od 2011. Član sam Slovenska Kynologicka Jednota.
I founded this kennel in 2011 with my black female Labrador retriever. Choosing the name for the kennel was connected with her fur color and also that she was our "treasure", therefore in Spanish it is "Negro tesoro" or in English "Black treasure". She raised 8 puppies and now she is a 15-year-old grandma, who is still in really good shape. I know it might not be the most suitable name for the kennel but I can not change it now. As I was always very fond of hairy breeds (I used to breed Briards years ago) and our kennel needed to change a direction, we decided to go with a beautiful, curly, the breed with the growth just so, Lagotto Romagnolo. We started to look for a female puppy who would give life to our kennel Negro tesoro. As this old breed is originally from Italy, we decided to make a trip to Italy almost to the edge of Neapol and bring from the kennel Dei Gioiosi Rubacuori a beautiful puppy with a big brown heart on her side named "Melissa". From a top quality kennel and after top quality parents. We were attending dog shows regularly and with great success. She won a Puppy champion and a Junior champion in her own breed. When she reached 2 years, we decided to get our Melissa inseminated (breed) with a high-quality dog - Interchampion and here is her first litter.
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