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My story

I've been breeding dogs for 9 years, since 2015. I am a member of the Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesülete.
My name is Katalin Kovács. I live in Dombrád with my family. We have been breeding French Bulldog puppies for 9 years. We love them, it was love at first sight when we first met them. Our goal is to breed and raise healthy and beautiful puppies and find them the most perfect families. We have a huge kennel house and a huge run for our dogs. They spend the night in the kennel house at a suitable temperature. And the rest of the day is spent outside in the catwalk where they can roam, play and rest. A healthy immune system, strong muscles and socialization are important to us. We have young and old together

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My Commitments

  • If the puppy buyer cannot keep a puppy purchased from me, I will take the Puppy back under all conditions.
  • I provide a Health Guarantee for the puppies I sell.
  • I will provide the puppy buyer with information about socialization, exercise, training, feeding, immunizations, proper veterinary care, and responsible dog ownership.
  • I prefer to keep in contact with the new owner, so I can be updated about the wellbeing of the dog and see how it is developing.


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