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Istvanovszki Martin

member since 5/9/2019
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I've been breeding dogs for less than one year, since 2019. I am a member of the Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesülete.
Expertise. Humility. Quality. With these words we could describe the Luxury Guards kennel. What are you looking for in a puppy? Health. Temperament. Appearance. These are the things you should definitely consider when you choose a Luxury Guards puppy. Expertise. Before someone enters a profession, getting the right knowledge is the most important thing. I have sucessfully completed the Hungarian Kennel Club's official dog breeder course where I could learn from world-class professors, veterinarians, lecturers. I closed the course with an almost perfect exam. Since I can never be satisfied with my knowledge I develop myself on the subject and I try to get all the knowledge that makes me a better professional. Humility. The good dog breeder is commited and more than fanatical about this professional. The good dog breeder always aware of the news of the breed and knows the world most important dogs, lines and breedings. The good dog breeder tirelessly researching and studying the breed and thinking about the possible pairings and litters without stopping. Quality. The proper knowledge combined with humility guarantees the quality. Our dogs are officialy tested for the hereditary diseases and they are free from them. All of our pairings are preceded a very long genetic probability calculation so we can tell we gave the best of our knowledge. That is why we dare to give a full lifetime guarantee for the Luxury Guards puppies!


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