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Born: October 23, 2019
Black tricolor kan kiskutya, nbt . Aktív nyitott, barátságos, karakterű, erős csontozatú, kedves tekintetű kölyök, dús szőrzettel. Mindkét szülő kiegyensúlyozott személyiségű, genetikailag tesztelt, ill. Hd/ed mentes. Aktív családnak, sport/agility/show célra, vagy családi kutyának egyaránt ajánlom.
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Dailos She Is Like The Wind "breezy"

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Nagy méretű, erős csontozatú, kedves , feminin jellegű, black tri szuka hosszú farokkal. Aktív, barátságos, jól kijön az emberekkel, kutyákkal és más állatokkal. marmagasság : 51 cm, súly 20 kg. hd mentes ed mentes mh clear ncl clear mdr1 clear hsf4 clear prcd pra clear cea clear hc clear

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Australian Shepherd - Lightlake


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Dr Takács Kata

member since 11/27/2019
VerificationKennel Name: verified
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I've been breeding dogs for 5 years, since 2016. I am a member of the Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesülete.
I’m Dr. Kata Takacs, I’ve been a dog owner for 30 years. Formerly I was breeding Labrador retrievers. We had some Leonbergers and French bulldogs as well in our family. The Aussie is like a love at first sight for me. My first Aussie was quickly followed by 8 other aussies so we are living with a pretty big Aussie pack in a spacious farm, near Szatymaz. I simply fell in love with this wonderful breed. Every Aussie is a personality. They are clever, energetic, beautiful so everything a perfect dog should embody. I have been dealing with this breed since 2016. In my kennel, which is called Lightlake, the first awaited litter was born this year. My goal is to give healthy, stable, wonderful dogs to those who want an amazing family member, so that I give them a lifelong experience. My dog's health is very important for me. Beside the quality food I do all the genetic and other tests to keep the high quality of my breeding. I show my dogs a lot, but we also go for herding and agility with them, which is a big fun for them. I'm a member of the Hungarian Kennel Club and the Hungarian Collie Sheltie Corgi Breeder's Association.

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