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Dear Inquirer! We would like to introduce ourselves. Rainbow Valley Bulldog Kennel is run by my husband and I. We are both big lovers of French bulldogs, that's why we started dealing with them. We have all the necessary official licenses and memberships for breeding, without which we wouldn't be able to advertise on this platform :) We have a small kennel, four girls and one boy, we won't expand any bigger than that, because we wouldn't be able to provide enough attention and love to the dogs. Our dogs can go outside to play outside the house at any time, because their place is equipped with trap doors designed for this purpose. Our standard-colored dogs are available with a pedigree, but our French bulldogs with a unique pattern are not pedigreed, because it is not a document recognized by the FCI. The new owners can also contact us later with their questions, we strive to establish a long-term relationship :)

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Dundi - Francuski buldog Štenci na prodajuDundi - Francuski buldog Štenci na prodaju
female iconŽensko
6 meseci


Füli - Francuski buldog Štenci na prodajuFüli - Francuski buldog Štenci na prodaju
female iconŽensko
6 meseci




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