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Rođen: November 18, 2022
✨4 month old full black male as a hobby, but also for breeding and show purposes.✨ Fantastic temperament, independent, open, interested, well motivated, not afraid of anything. ♂️Enzo Atison (HD A/B, ED 0/1, OCD free, DSRA N/N) ♀️Antiqua Fortis Fata Morgana (HD B, ED 0, OCD free) ✅breeder support for lifetime ✅contractual health guarantee ✅reference throughout Europe ✅reliable and informable FCI kennel ✅organising transport worldwide
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Antiqua Fortis Fata Morgana

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He is a typical female dog with excellent health and outstanding temperament, who is also the founding bitch of my kennel. Many of her puppies from all over the world are doing well on so many fronts, such as dogshows, breeding, working line, but i am most proud of the fact that several of them have been placed in families with young children. So i can say that he has an excellent reference.

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Kane Korso - Luxury Guards

Luxury Guards

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Luxury Guards

Istvanovszki Martin

član od 5/9/2019
VerificationIme odgajivačnice: potvrđeno
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+36 202****** Pogledaj
Odgajam pse 4 godine, od 2019. Član sam Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesülete.
What are you looking for in a Cane Corso? Health. Temperament. Appearance. Type. These are the qualities you can count on when choosing a Luxury Guards puppy! Competence Animal breeding is a profession. Before one enters a profession, the most important thing is to acquire the right knowledge. I have successfully completed the official dog breeding course of the Hungarian Federation of National Associations of Dog Breeders, where I learned from world-class professors, veterinarians and lecturers. I finished the course with an almost perfect exam. As one can never be satisfied with one's knowledge, I am constantly improving myself in the subject and trying to acquire all the knowledge I can to become a better professional. Humility A good dog breeder is dedicated and more than fanatical about his profession. He is always aware of what is new in the breed, he knows the world's leading dogs, breeds and lines. He is tireless in his research and study of his breed. He thinks non-stop about possible matings and expected litters. Quality. The right knowledge, combined with humility, guarantees quality. Our dogs have been officially screened for all hereditary diseases and are free of hereditary diseases. All matings are preceded by a long genetic probability calculation to say that we have provided the best of our knowledge. That's why we dare to make a lifetime guarantee on Luxury Guards puppies!
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