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Rođen: December 9, 2023
Benett is looking for his new home. He's a very cute little boy with a lovely personality. He is available with fci pedigree, health guarantee, sales contract, microchip, vaccinations and deworming according to his age. Benett was born at the george bull kennel. You can contact his breeder,györgy weitz on facebook.
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Goldblood French Mia

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Francuski buldog - Goldblood French

Goldblood French

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Goldblood French

Ábrahám Vivien

član od 3/13/2017
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Odgajam pse 8 godine, od 2016. Član sam Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesülete.
Our story goes back to 2007, when I injured my leg in a car accident. After two operations, life returned to normal. I grew up and had to decide what to invest the money I received from my insurance company. Nothing seemed like a good idea. My sister and brother had been breeding dogs for several years at the time, so I knew what a lovely breed the French bulldog was. In October 2014, a new litter was born at one of the breeders and I chose the first member of our kennel, Liza (Jaqcueline Il Dago Ungherese), from the beautiful puppies. The following year new family members joined our kennel: Polly (Klaudia Il Dago Ungherese) and Eperke (George Bull Cintia). The Goldblood French kennel was founded in 2016, the year our first puppies were born: Arthur, Adele, Annabelle, Alfie and Abigail. I remember the first tears of joy when we finally managed to get all the puppies to drink milk, the fights over tiredness, the frantic phone calls when one of the puppies got diarrhoea. Abigail was the first to go to a new owner. We knew she was going to a good place, but our hearts were broken and that hasn't changed since. Love is what makes breeding beautiful and difficult. Our mission is to provide healthy, well-socialized and balanced puppies to their new owners. We do this through quality food, health screenings, regular vet visits and lots of care and love. If you want a faithful companion, a furry member of the family, please contact us. Your love package is waiting to enrich your life.
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