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Rođen: April 19, 2024
egy tündéri aktív és egyben nagyon bújós kisfiú show.. Családi kedvencnek, vagy sportolásra keresem neki az igazit.
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Xpect Love Cosmic Moonshine Luna

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Border Koli - Borders From Sicambria-amazon

Borders From Sicambria-amazon

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Borders From Sicambria-amazon

Turáni Krisztina

član od 5/26/2024
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+36 06205****** Pogledaj
Član sam Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesülete.
Some thoughts about us! I am Krisztina Turáni, the owner of the Borders From Sicambria-Amazon Border Collie kennel. Our kennel is located in a family environment. Pesthidegkut is based in Budapest. Our dogs live with us. They are not arranged in feathers. For us, the most important thing is health and a proper nervous system, but we also make sure that the puppies that are born stand out from the world of exhibitions with their appearance. We attach great importance to health checks, constant exercise, and if possible, we also take care of our dog. Our breeding goal is that the puppies born in our kennel are healthy, conform to the breed standard on the outside, have an excellent nervous system, and with their loyal, cheerful, cuddly nature make them happy companions for their loved ones and owners. long time. life. Life. They are just as valid in the world of entertainment as they are in sports. Our dog Nantes came to us from Csorványospatak in August 2004. He was a brown and white family dog. After we left 12 years ago. We really liked the breed. After a long search, we found our new family member in the Óhegy Virala kennel in 2016. Hajnalka Kökényesi, after exchanging many letters with the owner of the kennel, Óhegy's red-flowered fox, a small white and brown fox, came to us. Dorost fulfilled the expectations placed on him, so in February 2017 we entered him for the AAPKK club show in the juvenile class, where he achieved 1st place in a crowded field and 2nd place in the best show. Drops of Rain By The Lake came to us in July 2018 from Sólyom Tímea Dennis kennel. We already bought it for the exhibition. In 2021, it's time for another family member to move in with the little bitch. Founder of Princesses Xpect Love Cosmic Moonshine Luna kennel. Simon came from Mònika's kennel. I am very grateful to him for trusting me and giving us Luna. This made my dream of having my own kennel come true. We wish you a good show. If you would like a puppy from us, we are waiting for your detailed cover letter to the email address below! This is also very important! Please let us know how much you would like to choose your future four-legged family member from our kennel. Please include the following in your cover letter! - In short: who are you and where do you live? - Do you have small children or pets with you? - What kind of life have you lived? - Do you have experience with dogs? - For what purpose do you want it?
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