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Rođen: April 19, 2021
This girl is a charming creature. She is a confident, loving puppy. Fshe is for those families who has already had an experience with life with husky and would like to get the calm and clever siberian husky like a partner in their family, a one more friend for adventures. Visit our website to learn more about our fci kennel and our dogs, our available puppies and their origin hvsiberianhusky.com
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Gemchugina Severa Juliana Queen Of The Elves

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Juna is a special dog. she is an empath and sincerely demonstrates it. juna understands you the way she feels your soul. she doesn’t care what your mood is, and she will not stay aloof. when you worry about something, she will get it clearly and will try in every possible way to calm you down. if you determine to make something, she will definitely participate with you in all undertakings. if you are lazy or tired, she will lie next to you and support you in this difficult task. purposefulness is another interesting feature of her. to see the goal, to see no obstacles, go on at full speed – this is about juna. in competitions, she will run faster and stronger than everyone else, in the show ring – she will be the most graceful among the competitors, at home in the backstage – she is more tender and affectionate than everyone. when we back home after work, she will growl louder than any of our dogs and poke her nose at us. and you’ll see that special sight, which means – shame on you, where have you been so long? I miss you! and of course, most of all of the above, juna loves to eat. this is our madame eaty. and this circumstance has just a little effect on her body shape and total activity https://www.hvsiberianhusky.com/en/dog-juna/

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Sibirski Haski - Hakuna Vota

Hakuna Vota

(Nema recenzija)

Hakuna Vota

Tetiana Karpenko

član od 1/16/2020
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+380 633****** Pogledaj
Odgajam pse 3 godine, od 2018. Član sam Ukrainian Kennel Union, Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana.
Hi! My favorite breed is Siberian husky. We are involved in this cynological story about 5 years/ Since 2016 I began to study animal psychology, physiology deeply/ Have a diploma qualification as a breeder. I am a member of Ukrainian kennel union. Love to improve skills in cynology topics like - biomechanics of movements, anatomy, and physiological processes, dog fitness, sport stories, psychology items of animals, the relationships between human and dog, the improvement of deep socialization since 5 days old. Like to take my dogs everywhere I am, and like the amateur dog racing competitions, and professional dog show events. Have a good experience in upbringing the puppies to be well socialized and calm fur babies
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