Vaccinations and Deworming

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Vaccinations and Deworming


It’s beyond argument that vaccinations are important, effective and often the only thing that saves puppies’ lives. Shots contain a weakened form of real pathogens, so, if properly administered, they help the dogs’ immune system to mount a defense when meeting the disease in real life. Thus it’s essential to vaccinate the dogs based on the schedule suggested by their vets.

The schedule below lists the required shots for a 12-month-old puppy. In certain regions there may be some minor deviations from this, as the vets’ recommendations in some countries may vary. Nevertheless, when receiving your puppy, check the vaccination booklet and compare it with the list below. If nothing is missing, then you can be assured that your puppy got everything -- besides your love and care -- to become a healthy adult.

Week 6 - Parvo shot against intestinal viral infection. An infected puppy can die as little as in two days if infected.

Week 8 combo vaccination against parvo, distemper, kennel cough, adenovirus and Leptospirosis

Week 10 combo vaccination is repeated

Week 12-14 Rabies shot is required. By law, dogs three months and older must be vaccinated against Rabies. It also has to be repeated six months later.

Month 12 Rabies booster shot required; combo vaccine administration is also recommended annually.

To give the best protection your puppy deserves, talk to your vet and mark your calendar for the upcoming required and recommended shots. There are also optional vaccinations that, depending on geographic regions and forms of activities (such as protecting against Lyme disease), some owners may want to consider and get more information about.


Clearing a litter of parasites normally starts after the first 2-3 weeks in most kennels. The puppies receive a deworming paste that will not be registered in the vaccination booklet, and therefore not mandatory to administer but certainly recommended.

The puppies also get a round of deworming in tablet form around week 5 that will be registered. After that the litter is subjected to a regular deworming regimen biweekly until the puppies are three months old. Following it, there is only recommended deworming once a quarter with a wide spectrum anti-parasitic agent for the rest of the dog’s life.

Dogs acquired on Wuuff must have at least two officially registered deworming in their booklets.

Wuuff Guarantee

Wuuff Guarantee warrants the completion of the abovementioned shots and deworming, so either before receiving your dog (at least through a photo of the booklet) or in person upon getting the puppy, but please verify the compliance to the schedule. Do note that there may be a slight deviation from the recommended schedule due to the puppy’s minor illness (diarrhea is one common reason), which would explain why the breeder may decide to delay a vaccination.