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Why is Wuuff different?

Wuuff is an innovative online solution that helps the breeders showcase their puppies and take advantage of the safe and secure Wuuff Pay for their and the future dog owners’ benefits. On our site, the future owners can secure their next family members directly from you, the breeders. also offers additional guarantees to the potential buyers, so your puppies have an even better chance to find their new homes. We’re with you every step of the way and guarantee the security of your transactions.

Can anybody reserve or buy my puppies?

In theory, yes but you’re in charge of the future of your puppy. You can always freely choose among the potential next owners. Before proceeding with any transaction we request the visitor to check with the breeder whether the specific puppy is still available and to discuss any details. The breeder’s agreement is always required for the completion of a transaction, so your puppy can never change hands without your specific consent.

Free ads?

Yes, you can post unlimited ads on Wuuff for absolutely free. We know that breeding requires a great deal of financial sacrifice, so we made the ads free of charge. Attach some great pictures, provide your contact info, home page and social media presence. We’re not limiting you in any way, but in the sake of equally representing the interests of you and the buyers, we only ask you to utilize Wuuff Pay if your puppy finds a new home through our site. By using the service, your puppy will get to its new owner faster and Wuuff will also receive the support necessary for its continued existence.

After a quick registration, placing an ad begins by clicking on the “Post a free ad” button. Follow the on-screen instructions and you can post a whole litter on the site in a matter of minutes. Find our video tutorial HERE.

Can the interested parties reach me?

Yes, in fact it is preferred. You can provide all your contact info in your ad. It’s entirely up to you whether they can reach you or not. We clearly emphasize that the foundation of a responsible and considered puppy-buying process involves detailed communication, agreeing on all issues and followed by ensuring both parties through utilizing Wuuff Pay.

What’s Wuuf Pay and how can I get my money?

Wuuff Pay is a safe and convenient online payment system. It’s also one main part of the site because it closely ties to Wuuff Guarantee and the rating system. Enjoy the benefits of Wuuf Pay by giving your future owners some peace of mind and by getting well-deserved great reviews. After transferring the puppy, click on “Handed over” button and in 48 hours we transfer you the funds minus the processing fee.

The fee of Wuuff Pay is 8% of the selling price + VAT. The fee is the same even if only the reservation gets paid through Wuuff Pay. Among others, it’s one reason a valid final price should be displayed in the ad.

How do the reviews work?

Followed by the completion of Wuuff Pay, when the puppy is on its way to the new owner, you can rate the transaction after clicking on the “Handed over” button. Your honest review of the other party can help other breeders in future transactions. The consequent step is quite significant for you as well. The new owner rates you too with scores and in written form. Collect good scores from happy new owners to ensure that your next litter will find a new home even faster.

What’s Wuuff Guarantee and does it cover my dogs too?

Yes, if you accept Wuuff Pay. By utilizing it, Wuuff Guarantee also comes into force. We guarantee to the future owner that your ad is valid with a genuine breeder and a real puppy behind the ad. We make sure the buyer gets exactly the bought or reserved dog they fell in love with and will receive it healthy and sound. We also ensure they receive every single piece of document listed in the ad. Wuuff Guarantee provides the buyer with 100% sense of security, so they can decide much easier to get your puppy when you accept Wuuff Pay.

Who can see my ad and in what languages? Is it really international?

Wuuff constantly works on getting out to the widest audience. We spare neither time nor energy to popularize the site domestically and abroad. is currently accessible in many languages (Hungarian, English, Italian, Polish, Romanian, German, Russian and Czech) to make sure your puppies can find a loving owner in many places in the world.

In what language should I advertise?

Wuuff was designed to be used cross-border, so we use internationally accepted business terms regarding health screenings, dog show qualifications and such to make them universally understandable. When the breeders introduce their puppies, we give them the option to use short descriptions. If you plan to sell your puppy domestically or abroad, we suggestion you use your native tongue and another foreign language. English is alway a safe second option to make communication simple for all involved.