Ninausz Nora
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Dirty Pawprints

Ninausz Nora

2019-5-6 óta Wuuff tag
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1 éve (2018 óta)
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Magyar, Angol


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Egy éve, 2018 óta foglalkozom kutyatenyésztéssel.Magyar Ebtenyésztők Országos Egyesülete tag vagyok.
My family always had dogs – some purebred, some without papers, a few were chosen, most of them just walked into our life, but aussies came, run us over a few times, then got stuck to us. My first aussie, Silver Dream Aussie’s Baywatch „Baldur” came after we had to let go of our sweet old bobtail, Bendegúz. Baldur was the cutest little thing, and we drifted into the „dog world”with him, sadly due to a terrible accident, we lost him at 6 months. A bit later I was snooping on Baldur’s breeder’s page and came across a grumpy-looking furball, who later on bulldozed us into the ground (as several injuries show, quite literally), and became our big cuddly bear, Silver Dream Aussie’s Eminent „Brandy”. Nomen est omen, Brandy is one of the smartest, eager to please type of dog, with whom we started training for obedience, and he took home quite a few cups and ribbons from shows too. Picture Then came along our little princess, Brooklyne of Blue Paprika Legend „Brooklyn”, who brought an entirely different colour into our life with her love and talent for tricks and herding, then Marbleshore Ancient Fire „Bamako” joined us in coownership with her breeder, Mónika Hábenczius. Bam is quite a personality, with her loud exclamations of happiness she really brings a smile to our face. As we are living in the countryside, by the Duna, surrounded by hills and forests, we have the means to let our dogs be dogs, with long walks and a chance to swim and run around. Their wellbeing is more important to us than the cups and rosettes they earn at shows (although we are extremely proud at every win), so we are trying to provide them everything they enjoy and excel at. They are not kennel dogs, but are living in close quarters, sometimes even accompanying us to work. As australian shepherds are a really versatile breed, we are aiming to keep it true – our breeding program is to create dogs capable of all kinds of activities, such as obedience, herding, dogsports, being an amazing family member – while still being true to the standard and keeping their stand in the conformation ring.
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