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Kazlauske Mėnulio Pilnatis Sonata

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14 years (since 2005)
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I've been breeding dogs for 14 years, since 2005. I am a member of the Lietuvos Kinologu Draugija.
Hi, my name is Sonata. Dogs are my life! From the age of 4 I was called a dog mother :) I graduated as a Veterinarian, and dedicated my life to the dog nutrition. From 2005 we bought a German Shepherd called Kenti Oaze. She was my first pedigree dog, and since then I became passionate German Shepherd lover. In our kennel we do not have many litters, 3-4 litters per bitch..I love our dogs, and after all it is tiring to look after 6-8 kids :) All my dogs are perfectly socialised ( we often visit children or elderly people institutions, and my dogs behave very well ) At the same time all of them work perfectly ( Bite-work is excellent! ) This is how I understand German Shepherd - an absolutely balanced breed, that could switch in second, when needed!


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