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Tips & Advice

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Tips for breeders

Ad posting rules

The aim of Wuuff is for breeders and dog seekers to equally enjoy using the site. In the interest of this, please abide by the rules listed below. All ads go through a review process to ensure the preservation of the site’s uniformity and for the puppies to find new owners. Nevertheless, the more complete and precise your ad is the better the chance that your puppy will move to its new home.

You can register and post an unlimited number of ads for free

Posting ads, as well as communicating with the buyer via Wuuff is completely free of charge. We're only collecting a small fee if you or the buyer choose to make a safe transaction using Wuuff Pay.
We do realize that nobody likes fees, however, we're encouraging you to seriously consider this option, as it provides a guarantee for both you and the new dog owner, and gives you a chance to get a wonderful review on your profile.

Only purebred, vaccinated and ID chipped dogs at the time of transfer, can be advertised

Wuuff’s purpose is to promote the activity of quality dog breeding, so the site only accepts ads of purebreds. Closely tied to this purpose is the basic premise of health, so the posted dogs must have their age-appropriate inoculations and deworming too (more info here). Our primary goal is to support pedigree dog breeding programs, but purebreds without pedigrees can also be advertised. These latter groups must be chipped before the transfer of ownership.

Health is paramount. In the interest of that, we ask you to advertise puppies on exclusively that have their age-appropriate vaccinations and deworming already done. Skipped inoculations in early puppyhood have lifelong repercussions, therefore we earnestly implore you to take this fact to heart. Wuuff follows a generally recommended guideline, which is detailed here.

Always post the REAL final price

Like in the entire ad in general, we expect the breeders to disclose valid information. So it’s important to also post the real final price for the puppy.

We do know that quality purebred puppies are expensive because raising and maintaining the breeding parents demand huge financial commitments, not to mention paying for the proper feeding and medical requirements of their litter. Many breeders prefer not to display real prices, yet we still ask you to do that. It’s the right course for several reasons, and you can avoid many unnecessary calls of inquiry, as anybody can see whether or not they can fit your puppy in their budgets. Best to settle the finances at the start, so nobody gets a surprise later.

ONE ad should contain just ONE dog

In the sake of making the ads transparent and identifiable, was made to display one dog at the time. Rest assured, you can post an entire litter in a matter of minutes. Find a video tutorial here.

Give a unique name to your dog

Definitely give your puppy an individual name like Elischa, Argos, Zodiac, etc. Avoid the generic naming, such as Fpups, Male2, Bitch1 or 3rd Litter because these ads will get deleted during moderation.

Interested people find it much more appealing and trustworthy if they see puppies with individual names. Put yourself in their shoes for a minute. Would you rather get a dog from someone who slaps a Male1 on a puppy or from a breeder who cares enough to name each member of their litter?

In the ad, display the specific puppy where it asks for the puppy’s photo

Please don’t upload a photo of a whole litter because nobody will know which dog is looking for an owner. Take separate pictures of each puppy that’s intended to go to a new home.

Add description for the puppy

In the description, only provide details about the advertised puppy’s unique qualities (look, behavior, character) and its suggested purpose (show, hobby, sport, etc.). You can also briefly describe the breed if it’s relatively unknown.

Also avoid entering a url, phone number or an entire litter because that will cause the consequent deletion of the ad. Under “Breeder’s Settings” you have the appropriate place to add those pieces of info too, so they’ll get displayed the right way. We make sure the visitors will reach you.

Upload the parents’ data (minimum an image and a name)

The first thing people searching for puppies will do is to look at the parents. Always enter the parents’ names and upload a photo of each. Naturally, you have the option to input additional information too (show rankings, health screenings, description); it’s entirely up to you how you take advantage of the opportunity.

Provide exact data and contact info

We’ll check your phone number, Facebook and webpage (if you give out that info), so provide exact and valid data. Furthermore, in your profile input your full and real name.

Accept Wuuff Pay

You can post unlimited number of ads for free, but we kindly ask you to accept Wuuff Pay. At the present we don’t make it a general requirement, but if the future owner requests to use that form of payment, then we also make Wuuff Pay mandatory.