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Wuuff Pay and Reviews

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Wuuff Pay and Reviews

The breeders primarily identify Wuuff through its ability to permit the payments made directly on the site. This tool is one of our basic cornerstones because Wuuff Guarantee and Reviews are also activated when such payment option is utilized.

We created a uniquely safe place that is accessible worldwide for getting a puppy and paying for it online. You’ve probably got a high-value breeding dog before and had to deal with the anxieties whether you’re going to get the puppy healthy and safe that you ordered or you will have to chase your money.

As a breeder you must have certainly faced the constant distrust of unfamiliar foreign or domestic future buyers too who are less than willing to pay in advance.

The simple solution is Wuuff Pay, so use it! When utilized, Wuuff Pay gives the future owners 100% confidence while you can also reduce the time, energy and cost expended on advertising your puppy. Although Wuuff Pay accrues some minor fees (8% of the selling price + VAT), they only come into effect after your puppy has found its new owner and you’ve completed the transaction on the site. We suggest you calculate the extra expense into the selling price.  

When you use Wuuff Pay, you also support our common objective: showcasing great-quality purebreds and finding ideal homes for them through simple, secure and transparent transactions.

With Wuuff Pay we guarantee that your fund is safely deposited in our system and will be transferred 48 hours after the completed transaction. We have created clear and expansive rules (see TOS 12.3 for details) governing all facets of financial transactions to anticipate any possible issues that may arise during these exchanges.

Without sounding overconfident, we’re certain that we’ve reformed the process of puppies finding new homes. Reviews are a great help in this too. As in other areas on the web, online reviews, ratings and feedback can help to build the necessary trust of the people when searching for purebreds. Let’s face it, advertising the puppies is already happening online in most cases; we just improved that process.

So, after the transaction is completed through Wuuff Pay and the puppy is on its way towards the new home, you can rate your experience with the future parent. What’s even more significant, you can also collect a positive review from the satisfied new owner. The next time somebody sees your profile, they can make an easier decision when considering the young members of your future litter.

Let’s move forward together by taking advantage of the benefits of Wuuff Pay.