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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wuuff?

Wuuff is an innovative online platform that allows purebred dog breeders to showcase their puppies and both parties (breeders and future dog owners) to access Wuuff Pay for their common benefit. You, as a buyer, can acquire your newest family member directly from the breeders on our site. Besides standing by you during the puppy selection process, Wuuff provides regularly updated information, help in comparing puppies and security throughout the entire transaction and paying process. You can learn more about us here.

What happens when I click on the “Reserve now with the breeder” button?

By clicking on that button, buyers gain access to Wuuff Pay. You can reserve the puppy or deposit the full purchase price. Before beginning a transaction, please communicate with the breeder. Once you settled the fact that you’ll be the proud new owner of a particular puppy, come back and utilize Wuuff Pay.

Wuuff Pay and how does it work? Is it really possible to pay online?

Yes, it’s possible. Transactions through Wuuff Pay are done on a secure online system where you can reserve a puppy or even deposit the full purchase price with debit or credit cards. Bank transfer is another available option. After the completed transaction you are in fact the happy owner of the puppy and can contact the breeder again to discuss the details of transfer. As soon as you’re in physical possession of your puppy and gave us a feedback, we forward your payment to the breeder. Using Wuuff Pay also activates Wuuff Guarantee.

Should I pay a deposit or full price?

Always discuss your options with the breeder before making a decision. Many kennels request a full price even as the puppies are barely born because that’s how the owners feel they can truly secure new homes for them. Others only ask for a security deposit (generally for 0-6 week-old puppies) and want the full price when the dogs change hands. We suggest you make just a security deposit for puppies that are 0-4 weeks old and utilize Wuuff Pay to send the full purchase price when getting the dog. From five weeks on, you can confidently deposit the full price because puppies of that age are normally healthy and strong enough to continue developing nicely.

Is Wuuff Pay free of extra charge?

Yes, future owners can enjoy the safety and benefit of this method of online payment with no extra cost.

What is Wuuff Guarantee?

Using Wuuff Pay activates Wuuff Guarantee. We guarantee that the ads are true, the breeders are real and the dogs advertised are as described. We make sure you get the puppy you fell in love with, paid or reserved and arrives in your home healthy. Furthermore, we assure you get all the documents mentioned in the ad with the puppy. We guarantee all this by releasing your full payment for the reserved puppy only after you indicated that everything was to your expectations.

How do the reviews work?

After completing the Wuuff Pay transaction and your puppy is already sleeping by you, you can rate your overall experience. Your honest review will let the breeder know how they do and help future shoppers during selections. The review happens in two steps. First, the system lets you rate different aspects related to your transaction. Then you can describe your experience in your own words. Please be objective and truthful when completing your review.

Can I contact the breeder?

Yes, in fact we strongly encourage you to contact the breeder prior to making a purchase or reservation. In the ads you may find the contact info of the breeders, so feel free to contact them and inquire about the breed, the puppies and their nature. Building a good rapport between you and the breeder will help them put their mind at ease that the puppy is going to a good home, and you can get an assurance the puppy is coming from a good kennel.

Where’s the breeder’s contact info?

In the listing, click on the puppy’s card on the “More info” button to open its data page. By scrolling down, you’ll find all the available breeder information. You may contact the breeder directly if you click on “Message to breeder” or call them immediately after revealing the whole phone number by clicking on it.

How can I get my puppy?

If you reserved or bought your puppy through Wuuff, contact the breeder and finalize the details of receiving it. Check out Receiving the puppy in the menu for more details.

What’s a Featured Breeder? 

It’s neither our aim, nor our responsibility to qualify a breeder, so this designation isn’t aiming to do that either. The Featured Breeder status signals the fact that the uploader has thoroughly completed their ad, posted high-quality photos of the puppies and included informative descriptions. Also, the ad indicates what kind of documents will come with the pups. Not the least, the parents’ data page lists their bios, images, dog show achievements and health screenings to complete the puppies’ background. Careful and detailed listings like that tell us that the breeder is a true professional, so it’s safe to assume that their manner of communication and conducting their transactions will be just as seamless and positive.