Arbutina Aleksandar
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Dominant Team Fci 7090

Arbutina Aleksandar

member since 7/12/2021
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Kinološki Savez Srbije
Breeding Experience
1 year (since 2020)
Languages I Speak
English, Serbian, Croatian


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My story

I've been breeding dogs for one year, since 2020. I am a member of the Kinološki Savez Srbije.
The “DOMINANT TEAM FCI 7090”, Border Collie Kennel have had only love for the breed ever since. Border Collies are adorable, very energetic, and above all, highly intelligent and keen. The breed is very attractive in looks, with long, colorful coat, and charming, friendly face. Besides all of this, their are very obedient, fun-loving and spirited, as well as true-hearted and devoted. They are very good with children, and affectionate with a family. This is why Border Collies are always the best choice.

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My Commitments

  • The applicable health screenings have been performed on the Sire and Dam as recommended by the Parent Club for this breed.
  • If the puppy buyer cannot keep a puppy purchased from me, I will take the Puppy back under all conditions.
  • I provide a Health Guarantee for the puppies I sell.
  • I will provide the puppy buyer with information about socialization, exercise, training, feeding, immunizations, proper veterinary care, and responsible dog ownership.
  • I prefer to keep in contact with the new owner, so I can be updated about the wellbeing of the dog and see how it is developing.
  • I participate in regular education classes, learning how to continue to improve as a breeder.