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My story

I've been breeding dogs for 3 years, since 2019.
We have been breeding for two years now. We chose Airedale Terriers because why would we choose any other breed? The whole family grew up with them and we all simply fell in love. They are a special breed that take lots of care and training. We live on a 42 acre ranch with a horse, lots of cats, bird and previously had many chickens, geese and pigs. We live in a small town in Mariposa, CA, USA. We adore our pets and take care of them properly and with lots of love. Before deciding on becoming an owner of this breed, please do your research and make sure they are the right breed for you. They take lots of hard work during the adolescent age but they are so extremely intelligent and loving animals. We do not have any photos of the pups yet, but they will be coming soon!

My Commitments

  • If the puppy buyer cannot keep a puppy purchased from me, I will take the Puppy back under all conditions.
  • I will provide a written Bill of Sale detailing responsibilities for the buyer and the seller.
  • I will provide the puppy buyer with information about socialization, exercise, training, feeding, immunizations, proper veterinary care, and responsible dog ownership.
  • I require each applicant to fill out an application to assure that my breed and dogs are the right fit for the new family.
  • I prefer to keep in contact with the new owner, so I can be updated about the wellbeing of the dog and see how it is developing.


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