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Hi, We are excited to announce that our kennel, Mymonkeydog is planning a fantastic Affenpinscher litter, due in May, 2022 from the sire and dam you can see below. We are taking reservations for these pups now, so send us a message or call us if you are interested!

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Mymonkeydog Abe Asbjog

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Affenpinscher - Mymonkeydog


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Sergushko Natalia

member since 8/17/2021
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I've been breeding dogs for 3 years, since 2019. I am a member of the Russian Kynological Federation.
Affenpinscherogolia can already be turned into the science of affenpinschers. This breed is really worthy of a separate section of cynology, especially in terms of psychology. Affens are distinguished not only by their appearance, but also by their facial expressions, reflecting all the richness of their inner world and intelligence. - Ugh, how scary! - Oh, how incredibly beautiful! With affens, everything is simple: you either fell in love with them once and for all, or this breed will never become yours. :) Physically affen are very hardy dogs, they can walk for a long time, they like to travel, but they are also big fans of sleeping with their legs up. The main thing is to feed them on time and love them endlessly! Don’t look that affen is small! His courage, loyalty and self-conceit are 10 times greater than he is! By the way, the weight of adult dogs is about 4-6 kg depending on gender. Often affenpinscher eat dry food. Natural food is also acceptable. The main thing: do not mix. Purebred puppies are distinguished by the excellent health! They rarely get sick, but it is important to avoid overeating and give up fatty food. Some affens are allergic to chicken, so it is better to choose food with fish or lamb. No special care. The harsh and wiry in texture coat is the undeniable advantage in many ways. It does not require frequent washing, does not need to be cut, does not shed. Suitable for allergy sufferers. We ship internationally. The contract is concluded between the Seller and the Buyer. Colored? No, sorry. Only the black color is allowed by the FCI standard. But we hope that one day the FCI will change the standard, and colored puppies will become the normal part of us. Because they are all beautiful! Hope to see you soon in our affen-family! We speak English and French. Not like the native speakers but we try to be closer to you! Each owner himself becomes a little like affen! :) Walks a lot, notices the inconspicuous, wonders how he used to live without such a sweetie lump of happiness! Ready to the affen? Write to us just now! Surely, your puppy is waiting for you! Photos and videos, video calls – you will be able to watch your affen from the early age! MyMonkeyDog is the Russian affenpinschers kennel, specialized in breeding of natural affens characteristics.
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